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IONerd is an innovative IT and Web solutions company.



Web Design

Do you need a website? We can put together a website that looks professional, is informative and optimized, and most importantly, helps you to grow your business.

Managed Hosting

Need to get your website or application online? We can host it. We also can assist you with backups, any necessary restorations, uptime monitoring, plugins and updates, content changes, and more!


Need backup? We can assist you on an ongoing basis with uptime monitoring, software updates, content changes, backups and restorations, error diagnosis and more!
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WHY IONerd.com?

Who Are We?

I/ONerd is an innovative Web solutions company. The services offered range from basic server setup to complicated site design and development, tracked by a team of highly trained programmers and design artists. Services are well adjusted and use the newest and most stable technologies to offer wider support for both clients and businesses.

Network / Datacenters

We only use the best servers located in the best data centers, in order to offer you the highest level of service possible.

We Love Our Customers

We like to focus on the customer. Our staff is well trained to help you. Unlike other companies, we like to ask our customers what they need and then provide a solution.  We will then select the best-suited package, that allows our customers to expand their services with ease, without limitation.

24/7 Technical Support

We use real technical support people. They have been in the tech business for 10+ years. Let them set up, configure, secure, and manage your account for you, so you can take care whats important to you. Your Business

Quality Hardware

We don’t skimp on hardware. We only use the best servers located in the best datacenters, in order to offer you the highest level of service possible. We use servers that are built using Xeon Quad Core processors and a minimum of 12 gigabytes of ram. We place our servers in the OVHCloud data center in Vint Hill, Virginia

Developer Friendly

Our servers have what you need to run your web software, including PHP 7.4, Maria 10.3 , Ruby 2.8, Python, Perl, and more.


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